DeBeers 2000 Entry

DeBeers 2000 Entry

De Beers Diamonds-International Awards 2000 Entry
Michael Drechsler was a finalist in this international design
contest in 1998, 1990 and 1986.

Space Shuttle Pin and Pendant
with Lariat Style Diamond Necklace
  • Side Perspective View.
  • Front Perspective View.
  • Close up view of shuttle with doors open on satellite extended.
  • Side View (actual scale) of shuttle with doors open and satellite extended.

    Shuttle Animation (255 kb) at: DIA/shuttle.avi
    Satellite Animation draft (622 kb) at: DIA/satellite.avi

Name of entrant Michael Drechsler




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P.O. Box 3661 MPO
Vancouver, British Columbia


V6B 3Y8

(YES) This design was created by me or my organization.
Designer Michael Drechsler
Name of Sponsor Michael Drechsler Jewelry Ltd. and Associates.
Type of Jewelry Space Shuttle Pin and Pendant with Lariat-Style Diamond Necklace
Estimated wholesale price $ 500,000.00 Canadian Dollars

The Space Shuttle Pin and Pendant with Lariat Style Diamond Necklace contains three parts: Space shuttle with satellite, Lariat style Diamond Necklace, and the Gold Earth.
The Space shuttle is 18 Karat white gold with 105 diamonds. The diamond-set shuttle doors open to release the retractable Canada Arm and Satellite set with 27 diamonds. The underside of the shuttle has a grooved clasp which secures the lariat style diamond necklace at different lengths. The lariet-style necklace attaches with a clasp to the rear of the shuttle. The shuttle has a pin and can be worn on it's own. The articulated, 26 inch, 104 diamond necklace is 18 Karat yellow and white gold with bezel set links. An 18 Karat yellow gold earth attaches to one end and spins.

The Shuttle
Two Doors Princess Cut 40 @ 4.2 mm. = .33 carat each approx. 13.20 carats
Shuttle Sides Princess Cut 26 @ 4.2 mm. = .33 carat each approx. 8.58 carats
Hull Caps Princess Cut 4 @ 4.5 mm. = .60 carat each approx. 2.40 carats
Hull Caps Princess Cut 12 @ 3.8 mm. = .30 carat each approx. 3.60 carats
Wings Trillion Cut 18 @ 4.0 - 4.5 mm. = .33 average each approx. 5.94 carats
Fins Baguette Cut 2 @ 13.0 x 4 x 2.5 mm. = 1.75 carats each approx. 3.50 carats
Engines Round Brillant 3 @ 4.2 mm. = .27 carat each approx. .81 carat
Wind Shield & Nose Custom Cut Custom Cut (proposed) -

The Satellite
End Cap Round Brillant 1 @ 5.8 mm. = .75 carat each approx .75 carat
Satelite Body Princess Cut 12 @ 3.8 mm. = .30 carat each approx.3.60 carats
Arm Hinges Round Brilliant 10 @ 2.4 mm. = .05 carat each approx. .50 carat

The Lariet-Style Necklace
Bezel Set Links Round Brilliant 104 @ 3.0 mm. = .10 carat approx. 10.40 carats

Number of diamonds 216 Diamonds Total
Quality of diamonds SI to VVS clarity
G + color
Shapes of diamonds Princess cut diamonds
Round brilliant cut diamonds

Tapered baguette cut diamonds

Custom cut diamonds
Total weight of diamonds
approx. 52.75 carats
Name of Designer Michael Drechsler
Signed Michael Drechsler

DeBeers 2000 Entry 
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