NSU BCM Retirement Gold Signet Ring

NSU BCM Retirement Gold Signet Ring

NSU BCM Retirement Gold Signet Ring

Custom ordered, 14 Karat yellow gold, hand engraved signet ring
specially commissioned as a retirement gift.
Style # 8, Rectangle 12 x 16 mm.

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Testimonials -
Dear Michael Drechsler,
Re: NSU BCM Gold Signet Ring
I am the lucky one who received the beautiful ring that you made. My staff had it made and gave it to me for a retirement gift. I must tell you it is the most beautiful thing I have ever owned! I get compliments on it all the time and I am always so proud to tell folks the story of how I got it. Thanks for working with these folks and making this ring. If I ever have the opportunity to recommend your services to others!! Thanks again for your part in this very meaningful gift!!
John Moore
Michael, the ring is in!...."Awesome!" "Whoaaaaaa!" "Sweet" ...are just a few of the initial comments from some of our students when they have seen the ring......Personally, I do not know what to say except a heartfelt "thankyou" and "Job well done".....I am impressed with the detail and quality. The presentation case brings it all together...you are truely a skilled artisan/craftsman. I will e-mail you a description of my boss and collegues reaction to seeing it. One thing is for sure, you delivered what was promised!!!. This ring is worthy of the legacy that my supervisor leaves behind as he finishes his career with us. Your piece of art work will become a family heirloom....look forward to visiting with you in the near future...many thanks.
Bill Collins

NSU BCM Retirement Gold Signet Ring 
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