How to Order a
Hand Engraved Gold Signet Ring

How to Order a <br>Hand Engraved Gold Signet Ring<br>

Be a King with your own Gold Signet Ring!
Gold signet rings made by Drechsler Jewelry are individually crafted and engraved by master Canadian hand engravers. Hand engraving is historically important as a method of carving images on gold. Engravers use hardened steel tools to cut the design into the metal. A high level of microscopic detail can be achieved by a master engraver. Give a traditional gift that will become a family heirloom.

Signet Ring Styles
Style 2
10x12 mm Oval
Style 3
12x14 mm Oval
Style 4
14x16 mm Oval
Style 5
16x18 mm Oval
Style 8
11 mm Round
Style 9
15 mm Round
Style 10
18 mm Round
Style 12
12x12 mm
Soft Square
Style 13
13 x 14 mm
Curved Square
Style 14
14x14 mm
Soft Square
Style 15
16x16 mm
Soft Square

Easy steps to obtain a quote for your own signet ring.
A) GENDER Mans or Ladies ring
B) TYPE OF RING FAMILY CREST - Email Family Crest as attachment. We need to see the family crest details to quote engraving.
INITIALS or MONOGRAM - include the letters to be engraved.
CORPORATE LOGO - Email logo as attachment. We need to see the corporate logo to quote engraving.


1) Line engraved style. Reading - image shown as seen.

2) Deep cut engraved style with background removed. Reading - image shown as seen.
3) Sealing style that is traditionally deeply engraved. Reverse image for wax impressions
D) RING SIZE See list or we can mail you a size gauge
E)  RING SHAPE Choose a shape by style number. (Oval, Round, Soft Square, Square, Cut Corner, or Custom Shapes)
F) FACE SIZE Millimeter dimensions of ring face
G) GOLD Gold preference - 14 Karat or 18 Karat, - Yellow gold or White gold.

Fill out the Request/Order Form and include the above information.
must have this information to prepare your quote. Call toll free 877-717-7226 or local 604-872-8226 to answer questions.

How to Order a
Hand Engraved Gold Signet Ring
Fill Out Request Information Form

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