Gemesis Cultured Diamonds

Gemesis Cultured Diamonds
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Gemesis Cultured Diamonds


A well-cut Gemesis Cultured Diamond ™Gemesis Diamonds possesses all the qualities of its earth-mined counterpart: unequaled hardness, fire, brilliance and scintillation. The resulting diamond consists of the same pure carbon crystal structure as a diamond grown by nature.

Wired Article

Wired Article - Sept 2003
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Comparison of Gemisis Cultured Diamonds and Earth Grown Diamonds
Hardness (10 on Mohs scale)
Identical Hardness Identical Hardness
Carbon Chemical Composition
Identical Chemical Composition Identical Chemical Composition
Identical Fracture Identical Fracture
Dispersion .044
Identical Dispersion Identical Dispersion
Octahedron Crystal Form
Identical Crystal Form Identical Crystal Form
Refractive Index 2.42
Identical Refractive Index Identical Refractive Index

Specific Gravity

Identical Specific Gravity Identical Specific Gravity
Carat Weight
Identical Carat Weight Identical Carat Weight
Identical Brilliance Identica 
Identical Transparency Identical Transparency

Cultured Diamonds are available in many popular cuts.
Matched pairs or multiple diamond sets add 15% to price.
Asscher Cut
Baguette Cut
Brilliant Cut
Crecent Cut
Emerald Cut
Heart Shape
Marquise Cut
Oval Cut
Pear Shape
Princess Cut
Radiant Cut
Tapered Baguette
Trillion Cut
Trapazoid Cut
Complete Inventory
Cultured Diamonds are available from 0.25 carat to 1.75 carats. Cultured Diamonds are price by carat size.
0.25 ct. to .049 ct.
0.50 ct. to 0.99 ct.
1.00 ct. to 1.24 cts.
1.25 cts. +

for more information about rare larger sizes.

Cultured Diamonds are offered and priced by two clarity grades: SI and VS.


Very Slightly Included
Inclusions and external blemishes difficult to locate under 10x magnification.
Slightly Included
Inclusions and external blemishes easy to locate under 10x magnification.


Most Gemesis cultured diamonds are Yellow to Yellow-Orange to Orange, ranging from Vivid to Intense color saturation. Also available colors in Blue, Pink and Green in limited sizes.
Gemesis Color Range
We also carry Natural White Diamonds to accent the Gemesis Fancy Colored Cultured Diamond Jewelry we create.

The Gemesis Corporation through the International Gemological Institute (IGI) has initiated the first-ever program to assist retail jewelers, designers and consumers to clearly identify laboratory-created diamonds. IGI is providing laser inscriptions and identification reports for all Gemesis-created diamonds weighing 0.25 carats and above. IGI will laser inscribe each Gemesis-created diamond using its patented LaserscribeSM process. The term "Gemesis created" will appear on the stone's girdle along with a serial number that is subsequently stored in IGI's database and matches the Institute's identification report number. In order to differentiate Gemesis-created diamonds, IGI has also developed a "lab-created" specific identification report for Gemesis, which includes cut, dimensions, weight, and a photo illustration. For more information on the International Gemological Institute, visit
Gemesis Cultured Diamonds are individually grown in our laboratory facility. Each Gemesis diamond is unique; each can be certified for its cut, color and quality just like it’s earth mined counterpart. Consequently, Gemesis diamonds are certifiable by the major gemological institutes, such as the European Gemological Laboratory ( Gemesis continually works with diamond industry laboratories and institutes to provide consumers with complete disclosure regarding the quality and origin of Gemesis-created diamonds. We are currently exploring additional means to mark our diamonds in conjunction with certification in order to ensure the consumer that they are purchasing a high-quality Gemesis Cultured Diamond.


Michael Drechsler Jewelry Ltd . Vancouver, BC, August 5, 2004

Michael Drechsler Jewelry Ltd today announced a Canadian Wholesale Distribution Partnership with Gemesis Diamonds to carry GEMESIS ™ yellow cultured diamonds. Michael Drechsler Jewelry Ltd. will distribute these diamonds to both the Canadian jewelry retailers as well as the Canadian public.

Gemesis Cultured Diamonds range from one-quarter to 1.75 carats and have beautiful colours ranging from fancy yellow to fancy vivid yellow-orange to orange. Gemesis cultured diamonds are now available as individual diamonds and can be readily matched in striking multiple diamond sets and set as three stone rings or earrings. These diamonds enable Michael Drechsler Jewelry to create outstanding cultured diamond jewelry at an afforadable price compared to natural fancy colored diamond prices.

Michael Drechsler Jewelry Ltd. is the only jeweler to launch these beautiful yellow cultured diamonds to both the Canadian retailers and the Canadian public. Canadian retailers will be able to purchase these diamonds from Michael at a wholesale price. As well these diamonds will be sold to the Canadian public and will be designed into exquisite jewelry by Michael. The Canadian retailers and the Canadian public can view the many beautiful selections of diamonds on the website.

These brilliant yellow to orange diamonds have been featured on The Today Show, ABC World News Tonight, Good Morning America, CNN and MSNBC.

Similar to cultured pearls, Gemesis Cultured Diamonds begin their growth with a tiny diamond seed. Gemesis then recreates the proper combination of high temperature and high-pressure that nature uses to form a diamond and steps aside to let the natural diamond growth take place in individual diamond growth chambers. Once each individual diamond is grown by Gemesis; it follows the same process of cutting and polishing as any other diamond, which can then be placed into jewelry. Gemesis Cultured Diamonds possess the same hardness, brilliance, and "fire" of earth-grown diamonds.

"We believe Gemesis Cultured Diamonds will sweep the Canadian market because it gives customers and retailers a chance to experience the beauty of yellow diamonds in designs that would otherwise be unattainable with mined yellow diamonds said Michael Drechsler, owner of Michael Drechsler Jewelry Ltd." Gemesis is proud to add Michael Drechsler Jewelry Ltd to our line up of retail partners," said Carlos Valeiras, President and CEO of The Gemesis Corporation.

Michael Drechsler Jewelry also offers Natural White Diamonds to accent our Gemesis Fancy Colored Cultured Diamond Jewelry we design.
We also offer certified Natural Fancy Colored Diamonds. Serious enquiries
Phone Michael Drechsler Jewelry for designs created from our Cultured Diamond selection.
This new technology creates diamonds of exceptional brillance and depth of color at attainable prices far below natural fancy colored diamonds.

Gemesis Cultured Diamonds 
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